A Leader in Modern Algorithm-based
Commodity Procurement

We specialize in complex, end-to-end Supply-Chain-as-a-Service (SCaaS) strategies driven by real time data analytics at enterprise scale.

Supply Chain as a Service for engineers, by engineers.

Vyrian is an award-winning multi-line provider of computer hardware, IT, industrial, and electronic component solutions.

We’re modernizing the field of algorithm-based commodity distribution for our global partners with unmatched market data, industry forecasting and technical agility.

We believe in the power of strong technical leadership.
Vyrian demonstrates this commitment to data-driven trading by recruiting the best engineering talent into our sales, data science and procurement teams to ensure we are delivering value and outstanding customer service to technology innovators like you.

Build a smarter supply chain.

Accelerate & Scale Your Commodities Procurement Process

From computer hardware and IT equipment, to board-level components and even industrial parts—streamline your supply chain and reduce costs with one-stop procurement.

Build a Stronger, More Agile Technical Supply Chain

Resolve shortages, maintain production and improve time to market with our experienced sales engineering team.

Manage End-Of-Life Concerns & Mitigate Risk

Manage inventory and avoid disruption to your production cycle. Our engineers can source your obsolete, end of life and hard to find parts.


Pioneering the future with proprietary, algorithm-based
Commodity Acquisition solutions for every industry.

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Intelligent, Data-driven Commodity Acquisition

Today’s world moves on data, and modern procurement teams require it. With our real-time, intelligent market data insights, we can map your current value-stream to identify vulnerabilities as well as opportunities. Proactively meet demand challenges head on and unlock the potential of your supply chain.

Our Commitment

High-level Testing Capabilities.

We’ve designed full-scale, third-party audited in-house compliance laboratories to ensure the authenticity and functionality of products before they enter the supply chain.

Global Presence.

We have a global sales and engineering presence with key market specialization and people teams in Asia, the Americas, Europe, Oceania and Africa.

Supplier Verification.

Our stringent supplier-vetting and management procedures ensure that your team can procure virtually risk-free.

Partner with Experts.

We share your sense of urgency. We’ll help you eliminate commodity shortages and meet critical production milestones.

We’re Global Citizens Leading Change in Our Communities.

Our footprint expands the globe, and so does our heart for people. As a responsible global citizen, we are proud to advocate for and empower global communities.

Help us reach our goal of One Million Trees

Plant 5 trees with each quote you submit with no obligation. We’ll plant 5 more when you order.





One Buy, Plants Five™

We’ve  partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to help tackle extreme poverty in developing regions and to ensure that our planet remains a beautiful, green place for generations to come.
Our Plant 5™ Commitment means that we will plant 5 trees in our project area, Kenya, with every quote and again with every order. Whether you’re just looking for parts to price out your project or you’ve committed to placing an order, you are helping to keep the world we live in a lot greener.

Learn more about our Plant 5 partnership here.

Tackling the global water crisis one village at a time.
Vyrian Wells: 6
People Served: 6,147

We’re Green, and Blue.

We’ve partnered with Drop4Drop to bring much-needed, clean well water to families impacted by the global water crisis. Together we have provided access to clean drinking water for more than 4,200 people in Tamil Nadu, India. By constructing clean water infrastructure in villages like Kannavaram, thousands of hours previously spent collecting water can be used for other productive community tasks.

From Our Customers

My experience has been fantastic so far. My sales rep is very helpful and responsive. She has been pleasant to work with. The availability of the components I have inquired about up to this point has been impressive as well. I will keep inquiring and hope you can continue the positive service I've experienced up to this point.

Environmental Devices Manufacturing

The module we needed went obsolete, and we were not able to find it anywhere. Vyrian was able to get us the parts we needed in a reasonable time frame. Account Manager was good at accommodating our rushed time frame and keeping us up to date on changes encountered with our order. Great experience overall.

Research and Development


Medical Device Manufacturer

You guys were able to get me the component I needed at a MOQ that was much lower than other places. As a small business that was extremely helpful.

Small Manufacturing business

Thank you Vyrian team for prompt, professional service. I will definitely order again!

Aerospace Industry